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Updated: Oct 26

School essentials why creativity is better than memorizing

Improve your learning by boosting creativity
School Essentials

School essentials: why creativity is better than memorizing

Unfortunately learning in schools has been equated with memorizing for years and less to do with creative thinking. Although this emphasis on creativity has increased dramatically over the last 3 years, teachers are still struggling to understand how creativity could be assimilated in classrooms.

Here are some points that will help cultivate the mechanism of creative learning:

Encourage them to “active learning”

Active learning techniques will require students to mold their ways of thinking to be more inventive. Teachers should use ample class time to solve creative problems, hold round tables and even provide fieldwork for students, which will allow them to leave their comfort zones and to enter the real world by visualizing things more vividly.

In some situations, students will be forced to use their current, previous knowledge and logic to come up with solutions, all of which will creatively deliver active learning.

Be part of a community

Teachers should create an atmosphere for students in the classrooms where they can contribute, take part and have their voice heard more prominently amongst their peers, especially when it comes to discussing views and ideas. Activities, discussions, as well as group collaborations will persuade kids to interact with each other, that way creativity will be pushed to the forefront rather than just remedial memorizing taking over.

Encourage risk-taking approach

Create an environment where students feel that getting mistakes through trial and error is just part of the learning curve and that we all go through this cycle in order to come out the other end much sharper.

Real-life scenario case studies

Real-life scenarios from the past will not only help catapult the kids’ minds into a different stratosphere but it will also help clarify certain concepts based on an example from the past. For instance, describing how a bicycle operates in the paper is far less effective than actually going outside and seeing the roller chain that transfers power from the pedals to the drive-wheel of a bicycle which propels it forward works. This will be much appreciated than just learning things that are written in books.

Remember, always encourage self-efficacy in kids. Many people often come to a point where they feel as though nobody believes in them. Since creative work is often not warmly received within the educational syllabus, it is very important that kids believe in the value of what they do in classrooms.

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