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Understanding what each line of the mean will revoke the right message.

English Poetry
Find Poetry Confusing?

How to introduce poetry to your child

Poetry has such a potency especially for young children who are starting to get acquainted with the different elements of the English language such as structuring rhymes to the succinct words that make up catchy verses. Understanding what each line of the poem means will evoke the right message for the child to correlate with and hopefully develop an interest in.

An acrostic poem for instance is a very fun poem for kids. It’s a poem that spells out a word or phrase when read vertically in a paragraph. There’s no one rule to creating an acrostic poem. Typically it uses the first letter of each line, but it doesn’t have to. You can use the letters at the end of the line or in different places in each line. As long as it sounds catchy and has a rhyme to it that is.

For example, if you were writing an acrostic poem with the theme topic “elephant”, each line would start with one of the letters in that word.

For older children, poetry is a portal that helps them tap into the wonderful and complex thoughts, emotions and narratives that can be vividly expressed with the help of words. Discussing the poem in depth would be key to understanding what the meaning is and what it meant to portrait to the reader.

Getting to read aloud to your child, no matter how young they are, is a great way to introduce them to poetry. Not only will they get a grasp of metaphors and literary techniques used in poetry as a whole, but it will give them an insight into literature as a whole which will help them understand thoughts, scenes or tell a story in a concentrated, lyrical arrangement of words.

Getting to choose playful, rhyming poetry about familiar topics and of interest to them is one way of approaching your child. Dr Seuss, an author and illustrator known for inventing creatures with fanciful names and writing in rhyme, often combines poetry with silly sounds and concepts that are hugely entertaining and relatable to children.

Using pictures to help get the meaning across would also be a very helpful step towards helping them understanding poetry a little bit more. Most websites dedicated to poetry has an excellent selection of poems with illustration infused in them.

Show different types of poems to open up a broader spectrum for the children learning. The goal is to provide as much structure and guidance that will be of relevancy when they embark on writing.

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