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Updated: Oct 26

10 things students should do before going to school every time.

How to get the most out of School
Learning at School

10 things students should do before going back to school

There are a couple of essential elements that every student should consider before transitioning into the school New Year term. Here are a few things to make going back to school a little subtle after those fun days of dazing off.

Easing The Biological Clock

Nothing worse than waking up for a school day in the morning feeling groggy and tired. Reducing late-night computer games and television time will mean that the biological clock is forced to reset and adapt to the norm of waking up early and sleeping at an adequate hour of the day.

Pick Up Aerobic Exercise

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, regular exercise can provide your child with a lot of benefits, such as muscle strength, improved energy levels as well as stronger bones and joints.

Children between the ages of six to 17 years should get at least 60 minutes of exercise a day, this will help tremendously with the concentration level during class time. Exercises don’t have to be complex, simple ones can do just fine such as cycling. It relaxes the mind and body by letting the child enjoy the beautiful natural scenery around.

Organize For First Day

De-cluttering any school project, recycling or donating old stuff for a fresh clean slate would be much needed at the very early months leading to the school day. Preparing a colorful stationery set and a fresh school attire is what will set your kid off rocking for the first day back to school with big motivation to make everyday studies more enjoyable.

Setting New Goals

A good idea for students to kick off their school year is to revisit last year’s academic achievements in order to make a sound assessment of the areas where need improvement. This would help set measurable goals and outline how to achieve them, sort of like an academic resolution before the start of the school semester.

Time Management

After spending days doing nothing but lazy fun, getting back to an accustomed school schedule can be quite daunting and a bit overwhelming to manage. By creating a calendar to allot one’s time effectively between school assignments, extra-curricular activities, and catching up with school peers as this will certainly help keep things less stressful and haphazard.

Positive Thinking

Finally, developing a great can-do attitude and preparing mentally for an enjoyable time at school. When nurtured correctly, positive thinking is a powerful coping mechanism that helps foster resilience. A child will learn to better manage life’s inevitable disappointments like when they don’t get a good grade for example.

Developing good self esteem and general awareness capabilities will help students cope with every situation life throws at them not only throughout their academic roadmap.

Did we mention that another way of transitioning into a new term is by consolidating a brand new course that will revitalize the information in your frontal lobe?

Creative writing for example not only develops creative thoughts in kids, but it also broadens their thought process and problem-solving abilities – especially if they want to undertake CAT preparation material and test plans. It also allows students to develop their voice.

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