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Welcome to the Open Day!

Welcoming you to Improve ME Institute

13th & 14th January

We are excited to open our doors and welcome you to our Institute. Our Open Day is an excellent opportunity for you to meet our team, and understand how we help and prepare students for their exams, whilst visiting our state-of-the-art centre.

During the Open Day, you will have the chance to:

  • Take a tour of our facilities, including classrooms, labs, study areas, and other spaces

  • Meet and talk with our team of experienced teachers and staff

  • Learn about our programs, booklets and the methods we use to prepare students for their exams

  • Attend information sessions on topics such as admissions, course offerings, and support services

  • Ask any questions you may have about our Institute and the enrollment process

Open Day Sign Up Form.
Please take a moment to fill out this form

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