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Early Ages (Age 3 To 5)

The junior department takes pride in ensuring that students are encouraged and actively building a strong foundation with a head start in their numerical skills. Improve ME’s engaging, colourful worksheets and begin developing initial skills, including counting and number sequencing. Further topics include:

  • Recognising, counting, and writing numbers (up to 20)

  • Introduction to addition and subtraction using pictorial representation and number line

  • Use words like “more than & less than” to compare numbers

  • Recognising and drawing the common 2D shapes

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Primary (Age 6 - 11)


As your child progresses through elementary school, the MaThesis Program will advance students’ skills by deepening their ability and understanding. Ultimately, these skills become a foundation of knowledge to draw on throughout the school.

Key skills that we build on are:

  • Four Operations

  • Arithmetic,

  • Percentages, Fractions, and an Introduction to Fractions

  • Geometry

Middle School (Age 10 - 15)


In Middle School, we build on the essential topics that are formulated at the primary level.

This will start to introduce more complex topics, such as:

  • Algebra

  • Indices

  • Introduction to Trigonometry

Whilst doing so, there is a greater focus on exam techniques to embed a good quality of written communication when explaining answers and displaying working out. This includes using past papers from well renowned schools including Dubi College, Haberdashers, and UCS from the UK.

We take great pride in aiming toward gearing students before their key examinations in year 11 and year 13. This approach comes hand in hand with consistent work and determination built upon years of discipline and practice.  

Senior (Age 15-18)

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Our Senior MaThesis program puts great focus on Mathematical concepts for their examinations. At Improve ME, we implement a unique approach for every student and ensure their education is tailor-made. We are flexible and work at the child’s pace, while fully supporting the curriculum. Our wide range of courses at the undergraduate level offers outstanding learning in MaThesis and its links to other subjects. 

Exam Preparation cover

  • Algebra

  • Trigonometry

  • Graphs

  • Geometry

  • Vectors


In the Further Mathematics course, we cover a broad range of topics, with a focus on Pure Mathematics, including:

  • Advanced Calculus

  • Complex Numbers

  • Trigonometry

  • Algebraic Methods

  • Parametric Equations

Other aspects also include applied components of the subject such as Statistics, Mechanics, and Decision modules. The MaThesis programme in the Senior department ensures that core concepts are taught with precision to aid students in their external examinations.

Through curated resources and carefully delivered sessions, Improve ME facilitates students to outperform in their academic endeavours.

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